Data from numerous studies show that human health at any age is more than at 50% depends on lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes many different components, affecting all spheres of the human life. Observing them will help improve health and increase the vigor of the whole family.

Any of us know what food has on a person huge impact. And a lot depends on what we include in our diet, how we cook and eat it. A person whose nutrition is balanced does not suffer from deficiency of vitamins and minerals, excess weight, feelings of abdominal discomfort. In addition, when switching to balanced nutrition, it normalizes operation of all organs and systems, feeling better, ease appears

Important! Remember, changing lifestyle is always a lot of stress for the body. To avoid negative health and emotional consequences introduce healthy lifestyle rules into your the family gradually. For example, first reduce portions of harmful products and come up with them useful and a delicious alternative.

You will see that a month later, that your family and healthy lifestyle will become friends, and not so long ago the creamy cake that seemed appetizing in the confectionery is no longer of interest. And the usual coffee in bags does not compare in taste and aroma with a freshly prepared drink from Turks or coffee machines

Today, many suffer from various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, excess weight and other problems, many of which due to a lack of physical activity. Balanced nutrition and physical activity is the main components of a healthy lifestyle.

Before the first training, be sure to consult a specialist. Not always sports even with a gradual increase in loads is beneficial. For example, people with sick joints and spine is forbidden to jump on a racecar and run for a long time, as this creates an additional load and can lead to complications

Immunity - body defenses that help to cope with different types of infection and viruses, protect the human body from dangerous diseases. To make it stronger, it is necessary timely vaccinations, abandon bad habits, diagnose and treat diseases on time, do not self-medicate with drugs and folk prescriptions